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  • Expressing Innovation

Since 2008, space150 has been building the future in partnership with the best: 3M, a true technological pioneer with more than 100 years of innovation under its belt. We’ve served them with authentic storytelling, attention-getting site builds, and targeted media campaigns that find new audiences in surprising places.

Redefining Innovation

We crafted immersive long-form stories, comprised of videos, photos, and an editorial design experience to show the deep social, cultural, and personal effects of 3M’s sometimes subtle innovations. We reached beyond the technical side of the story, which was the conventional approach, to show how 3M products benefitted ordinary people every day.


3M Innovation

Designing for Designers

3M Global Design Lab and 3M Architectural Markets each had a similar challenge, to prove their talent to the most discerning audiences of all: preeminent designers and architects. Not merely showcasing their award-winning design work, we also went deeper to document the deep thinking, research, and engineering that take 3M over the top.


3M Global Design Lab, 3M Architectural Markets NeoCon 2013

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