Tim Drabandt Named January 2014 Employee of the Month

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Each month at space150, a magical, exciting and time-honored tradition occurs — a new Employee of the Month (EOTM) is crowned. EOTM is crowdsourced each month, asking spacers to nominate their fellow mates rocking space’s three values: attitude, ownership, and awareness. Votes are reviewed by space150 senate, and an Employee of the Month is chosen.

As space does not take this decision lightly, this honor cannot be celebrated merely with an announcement and congratulations. The EOTM receives well-deserved recognition at our weekly company-wide meeting, slappy, along with a larger-than-life sized poster adorning the office. The poster endeavors to creatively represent the essence of the EOTM's professional and personal contribution to space’s culture.

We are pleased to announce that Senior Designer (and super cool dad) Tim Drabandt is our January 2014 employee of the month. “Those of us who work with Tim love the challenge of challenging him, said Ben Schmidt, associate creative director at space150. “In 2013, Tim brought his considerable talents to bear on work for 3M, Optum Health, Shriners, and U.S. Bank. Despite his consistently overflowing plate, Tim never once passed up the chance to help a co-worker or space150 shine.”


Here are a few of the many nominations that speak to Tim’s ownership and general awesomeness:

“Tim’s contribution to space150 and client work are equally amazing. I mean, slappy Bingo - totally amazing, right? And then there's real work... I've worked with Tim for the first time over the last couple of months and I'm pleasantly surprised by his level of ownership. He takes the reigns, pushes it forward and is so damn accountable for his work. With how busy we are, it's refreshing to not have to worry about everything and everyone. Tim is trustworthy and reliable.” -spacer

“Tim always puts in extra effort to really make the project the best it can be. He has a great attitude and way of handling client feedback that both accommodate it and solves for it by coming up with intelligent compromises to maintain the quality of the work.” -spacer

“Tim’s care and commitment to the projects he's on is contagious and I'm always glad to be working with him.” -spacer

The Creative

By Jacob Anderson

It all started with Tim posting this GIF  every chance he got in email threads. 

Tim found that this GIF incased many moods: excitement, ambivalence, boredom and interest. This mysterious person, upon further research, turned out to be Valeriya Ilyinichna Novodvorskaya, a liberal Russian politician, Soviet dissident, the founder and the chairwoman of the "Democratic Union" party.

When Tim won EOTM, there was clearly only one option for his creative likeness. It had to be an interpretation of this GIF. Initially, I investigated making the entire 101" x 72" a lenticular print, meaning that the entire thing would animate as you walked past but still be flat and analog. Turns out that large of a size is quite expensive, so I turned to gifpop, a fun startup that easily turns gifs into small lenticular prints, and made a 5" x 5" print for only $15! 

Congrats Tim! 


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