space150 Goes Corporate for Valentine’s Day

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From Industry Terms to Industry Terms of Endearment, space150 puts a corporate spin on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and sometimes it’s hard to find the right way to convey how you feel about that special someone [at the office]. Since the Hallmark holiday has become increasingly watered down and predictable, space150 created a microsite of shareable “Industry Terms of Endearment” e-cards that help you get the right message across to your work Valentine this year.

In an obvious play on words, Industry Terms of Endearment transforms emotionally-devoid business speak and imagery into suggestive Valentine’s Day cards. The tonality and terminology draws from our industry’s buzzwords, jargon, trends and phrases – and is overlaid onto sterile office vignettes. Taken separately, the words and imagery have little significance. When combined, sparks fly. 


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