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At space150, one of the key ways we share information internally is through blastoffs, though you may know them as company wide emails (yes, super old school). It's simple, but it's proven to be a very effective way to connect and educate one another (and it's the best platform for the occasional gif-off). Each Friday, we do a round up of our five favorite things blasted off that week. Enjoy.

Moon by Ai Weiwei and Olaufer Eliassen -

Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson are both modern art behemoths that have contributed some of the best pieces of modern art in the past decade. And they've just launched their latest created, a new website and art collaboration space, “Moon.” The site is a single glowing white orb that can be drawn on by anyone who logs in. This is meant to create a work of art through collaboration of the masses. “Turn nothing into something – make a drawing, make a mark. Connect with others through this space of imagination. Look at other people’s drawings and share them with the world. Be part of the growing community to see how creative expression transcends external borders and internal constraints," said Ai Wei Wei. The site already has hundreds of sketces, and the momentum continues to build as new visitors take what's been created and expand the piece. Crossing borders and creating international collaboration has allowed Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson to connect the world through a digital medium that is extremely simple.

Blasted off by: Jacob Anderson

Tracking Technology Sheds Light on Shopper Habits - Wall Street Journal

Many companies have started gathering data from tracking techniques, such as where people are shopping and where they live, that allows them to tailor a shopping experience around their customer bases. But a small San Francisco Shop, Sunhee Moon, is using heat mapping tech to see what areas of their store are seeing the most traffic.The tech maps show how much an item was looked at and touched via the amount of heat that has been present on the item through the day. Everytime the item is looked at or picked up its heat signature gets stronger, placing a stronger hue of orange on the heat map. This allows the owner to get rid of bad sellers, or rearrange the store around. Using this technology, Sunhee Moon, owner of eponymous in San Francisco found that customers lingered more at the displays furthest from the door. Therefore she moved what she wanted to sell most to the back of the store. In a crazy holiday season any new tech to make you smarter than your competitors is always welcome, and this kind of tech gives Sunhee Moon that extra edge.  

Blasted off by: Kyle Anderson

Amazing Pantene Ad Defiantly Tackles How Women in the Workplace Are Labeled - It's a Mad World - Ad Week

Pantene Philippines released a powerful ad this week, showing off the different views of identical behavior of woman in the workplace against those of men. A man is the boss where as the woman is considered bossy, a man is neat while she is vain. Instead of the typical free-flowing and shiny hair with substantial Pantene product placement, Pantene leads with an extremely topical global issue of gender equality, hoping to draw an emotional connection with audience. The ad ends with the strong message of "Don't let labels hold you back. Be strong and shine.” This is great for a company to make a stance on such a prominent issue, which has garnered the ad some great attention from the likes of  Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, who upon seeing the spot tweeted “This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen illustrating how when women and men do the same thing, they are seen in completely different ways.” 

Blasted off by: Erinn Farrell

Meet Revolv, The Missing Link to the Modern Smart Home - TechCrunch

Many of us have several smart devices that end up filling our phones with countless apps that we need to control them. Revolv is here to change that, consolidating all of your apps into one device so now you can control your thermostat, lock your doors, and turn on music all from one app. On top of that, the Wemo uses location tech so when you start driving away from your home, it can lock all your doors turn down your heat, and turn off your lights. This device also works in reverse as well, so as you approach your house it can unlock the doors and such. Apparently it isn’t completely flawless, the main problem being it can only sync all of this to one phone. But this is the future of our homes; everything connected. Imagine pulling up and having your favorite music awaiting your entrance to your nice toasty house. 

Blasted off by: Leslie Engel

Westjet Christmas Surprise Will Make You Believe in Santa - Mashable

With Christmas right around the corner, Canadian Airline WestJet decided to spread a little holiday cheer with a miracle of their own. Two planes full of people were treated to a video chat with Santa Claus at their departure gate. They could scan their boarding passes, and Santa would then talk to them using the name on the pass. And he would, of course, ask what they wanted for Christmas. Little did the passengers know that WestJet employees were taking notes on what they asked for. As the passengers were up in the air a team of 150 WestJet employees went shopping and then wrapped it all before the flight landed. When the luggage was supposed to come down the carousel, presents for all the passengers rolled in. They were treated to tablets, phones, socks and underwear, toys, and even one couple was treated to a big screen TV. A truly exclusive and unique brand expereience that also likely served as the Westjet's best PR all year, or maybe ever. 

Blasted off by: Scott Wolf


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