Bethany Birnie Named December 2013 Employee of the Month

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Each month at space150, a magical, exciting and time-honored tradition occurs — a new Employee of the Month (EOTM) is crowned. EOTM is crowdsourced each month, asking spacers to nominate their fellow mates rocking space’s three values: attitude, ownership, and awareness. Votes are reviewed by space150 senate, and an Employee of the Month is chosen.

As space does not take this decision lightly, this honor cannot be celebrated merely with an announcement and congratulations. The EOTM receives well-deserved recognition at our weekly company-wide meeting, slappy, along with a larger-than-life sized poster adorning the office. The poster endeavors to creatively represent the essence of the EOTM's professional and personal contribution to space’s culture.

We are pleased to announce that space150 Designer, Bethany Birnie is the December 2013 employee of the month. "Bethany has a healthy dose of enthusiasm and optimism, said Associate Creative Director Alex Dubrovsky. "She's always challenging and elevating the projects and teams she's a part of. She has shown exemplary work on Cambria, U.S. Bank, 3M, Land O' Lakes, and continues to grow with every new opportunity." Congrats Bethany!

Take a gander at a few choice peer nominations below to see why Bethany was chosen as our Dec. EOTM.

"Bethany has such a great outlook and attitude about all of the work she does. She is always positive, even  through substantial project challenges. I really enjoy working with her and think she has been a breath of fresh air for Cambria. She is amazing to work with and keeps the team morale up. She is a team player and she does great work. I would love to have Bethany working on all of my projects." -spacer

"Whether she is making paper flowers out of Post-its or designing new experiences for clients - Bethany always gives her all. She has been a welcome addition to space150 in the last year - with an awesome attitude, talent in spades, and a willingness to try anything - even if the solution is not obvious or easy." -spacer

"Bethany is always flying under the radar - her work ethic is phenomenal. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does -- we have to tell her not to give 110% on every single thing she touches, or it will take her forever to get anything done. She is making paper flowers on her nights and weekends all while owning the responsive design of a client site. She's a superstar and she deserves some good recognition for all her hard work!" -space

The Creative

Bethany's creative likeness is one of the strangest yet most beautiful EOTM pieces that has been created. The inspiration is drawn from Bethany’s love of animals as well as her hobby as a small animal taxidermist (hence her dapper albino squirrel companions, being carried by dove balloons). Her representation is a “gaff” or an amalgam of multiple taxidermied animals. With legs of a dog, arms of an octopus, an arctic fox tail and dove wings adorning her shoulder blades — Bethany has most of the animal kingdom covered. Everything that she is wearing is something she owns, some of it given to her by fellow spacers including the giant bird adorning her chest. Her place as EOTM will forever preserve, via friendship, her in space history, especially with a creative look like this.

Photo cred: Jacob Anderson, designer at space150


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