Beth Farrell Named February 2014 Employee of the Month

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Each month at space150, a magical, exciting and time-honored tradition occurs — a new Employee of the Month (EOTM) is crowned. EOTM is crowdsourced each month, asking spacers to nominate their fellow mates rocking space’s three values: attitude, ownership, and awareness. Votes are reviewed by space150 senate, and an Employee of the Month is chosen.

As space does not take this decision lightly, this honor cannot be celebrated merely with an announcement and congratulations. The EOTM receives well-deserved recognition at our weekly company-wide meeting, slappy, along with a larger-than-life sized poster adorning the office. The poster endeavors to creatively represent the essence of the EOTM's professional and personal contribution to space’s culture.

We are pleased to announce that Lead Accountant Beth Farrell is our February 2014 employee of the month. “Beth is one of the best accountants I've worked with, said space150 Controller Beth Tarr. "In an extremely fast-paced environment Beth creates efficiency by partnering with account teams to plan and educate from project inception to completion. She's incredibly smart, but also wonderful with people which makes communicating and creating process around numbers much easier for everyone involved. Bravo on your EOTM win Beth - well deserved!"


Here are a few of the many nominations that speak to Beth’s general awesomeness:

"Beth is amazing and so helpful. She over delivers and does a fantastic job of explaining accounting to people who don't fully understand the ins and outs." -spacer 

"Beth is a great problem solver and helps me out every week with revenue for all of my projects. She does a fantastic job!" - spacer

"Simply, Beth crushes it. She gets what we do, why we do it and empowers us to do better by creating a sound financial foundation from which we can build incredbile results for clients." -spacer

"Beth's attitude year after year is a model for all spacers to follow. She faces a crazy workload with a can do attitude and does so consistently. She is approachable and such a pleasure to work with." -spacer

The Creative

By Jacob Anderson

"I heard through the grapevine that Beth is a HUGE  Pearl Jam fan, so making her the star of a Pearl Jam concert seemed fitting," said space150 Designer, Jacob Anderson. "I rallied the troops and had them pretend they were actually at the Pearl Jam Concert. They lifted Beth up for a crowd-surfing pose and someone shouted, "Hey, shouldn't we have beers in our hands?!" How could I forget! I loved everyone's expressions in this photo, but Beth stole the show."

Congrats Beth!


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